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At the Table Live Lecture Jeff Prace - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Jesse Feinberg - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Joe Monti - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture John Archer - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture John Guastraferro - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Jon Armstrong - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Joshua Jay - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Justin Miller - DVD


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John Archer: John is a stand-up comedy magician from the UK. This guy was officially the FIRST person to fool Penn & Teller on the UK series: 'Penn & Teller - Fool Us'. (It's airing now in the US as well!) John has also appeared on award-winning CBBC network shows and even WRITES comedy for many other shows in the UK! Want to learn comedy and magic the RIGHT way? This lecture will focus on stand-up, close-up, - and easy, hard-hitting magic that will make you the life of any party!

Blank Night - John's famous comedy Bank Night routine that fooled Penn & Teller! This effect is very well thought out, very fun to perform and is VERY funny.

Pushing the Envelope - This is a single billet and one envelope. The Spectator writes down a thought on a billet which is folded and placed into a single envelope. You INSTANTLY know the written down thought. This is a classic plot but with John's added touches! One billet, one envelope. That's it!

Semi Open - This is as close to an open prediction as you can get! An envelope is placed on the table and a card id named or selected. The envelope is opened to show a clearly written prediction of the named card. John will also cover a variation where a duplicate of the named card is removed from the envelope. Clean and devious!

The Laura Buxton Co-incidence - A story that questions what coincidence really is. Two decks of cards - one red, one blue. Despite both decks being handled and examined by the spectator, the performer and spectator repeatedly shuffle the same card to the top. As a finale, it is seen that the final choice of one of these cards had been predicted from the start!

Komedy Killer - John's hilarious routine and variation of the Kenton Knepper classic. This is a full 10 minute routine that plays for both close-up and stage!

DeJa 2 - This is a killer stage effect where a couple from the audience are tested for their compatibility and found to be perfect for each other. A lady picks a card and her partner somehow manages to find it! This is an effect where it seems as if the magician is hardly involved!

Zennerdoo - This is a strong and clean 'psychic experiment'. A spectator repeatedly matches dealt cards on to the table with their matching symbols.

Streets - This is John's book test that really isn't a book test. It's more of a remote viewing experience. This will hopefully whet the tastebuds! John will also discuss his thoughts on comedy writing, creating routines and comedy performance! This is going to be a STRONG & RARE magic learning experience!

NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.


"It’s my opinion that everything that John Archer has put out, this not being an exception, is worthy."

Doc Johnson, MyLovelyAssistant 9/23/2015 Full Review


John Guastaferro is a dynamic performer, author and creator. Join John as he delivers nearly 2 and a half hours filled with some extremely creative and stunning effects. The focus is on 4 items: A deck of cards, a straw, a wallet and piece of string. He also speaks extensively about the "one degree" approach, offering up advice and ideas to take your magic to the next level.


In the Doghouse: Two Jokers and a selection transpose.

Club Daley: A two-phase sandwich effect using two selections.

Ballet Cut: John's versatile in-the-hands false cut/flourish.

Proximity Peek Control: Learn the identity and position of peeked card.

Twenty: A commercial blackjack and poker effect with a mental twist.

Little White Lies: A fooling packet effect with an ending no one sees coming.

Ring & String: Some fun bits, including unpublished ideas.

Tailspin: An impromptu twisting effect with some new added touches.

Hide & Seek: A very clean pocket interchange effect.

Multi-Mental: John's signature multiple selection routine.


Jesse Feinberg is a true creative force in the world of magic. Having consulted for some of the top names in magic including the one and only Criss Angel, as well as produced mind boggling magic with the likes of Paul Harris, Jesse definitely has a story to tell. His magic is unique and baffling, with methods that will make you shake your head in disbelief. So prepare yourself as Jesse brings you into HIS world of magic. With effects such as:

Rip Off - A BRAND NEW, impromptu SIGNED torn and restored card.

X-Finger - Real permanent ink VISUALLY travels to a new location.

BLUR - A BORROWED iPhone screen becomes impossibly blurry.

McStraw - A super visual effect that uses an ordinary fast food straw.

Spell-O-Change - Make random scribbles on the cellophane of a deck of cards VISUALLY form into a written prediction. This one is EXTREMELY visual.

Coin Thru Box - Cause a BORROWED and SIGNED coin melt right through a regular card box.

Bits and Pieces - This is a section Jesse calls his "Inspiration round". This will be a discussion, demonstration of The Floating Card, The POP Card Change, The Ambitious Card and a NEW Mercury Card Fold.

PLUS! - Jesse will perform and explain some of his hit effects including Wedge, YaYa and Animate & Restore.


"There are some interesting effects demonstrated and taught, and the magic uses quite a variety of props."

Marc Desouza, M-U-M Magazine 4/29/2015


A name that has resonated throughout the industry for well over 25 years. Joe Monti is not only a stellar magician but is one of magic's most valuable consultants as well! With experience as head consultant for Criss Angel's "Mindfreak", Joe has performed for clients in 40 countries across the world including over 300 colleges and hundred's of fortune 500 events! You're sure to learn some material you'll be able to add to your act right away in this At The Table Experience!


"There are so many small effects, gags and tricks that Monti just tosses in for good measure. This lecture is over three hours long and it is chock full of magic from start to finish. Not everything is for everyone but there is so much that you’d be hard pressed to leave without learning something new. This was a very strong lecture in my humble opinion."

Josh Burch, Reviewer 7/24/2015


Jeff Prace is only 20 years old. At his young age, he has ALREADY worked for top magic production companies, has been published in every major magic periodical, has performed on NBC's The Today Show, AND has released top-selling effects. Jeff Prace is truly is one creative magician, as the man himself, David Copperfield called Jeff, "a very talented magic inventor!" In this lecture, Jeff will be covering:

PR-Aces - An Ace production at equilibrium between flashy and smooth.

Where Time Stands Still - Three cards are revealed in a surprising, off-the-cuff manner

The Contest - An unanticipated demonstration in cutting to the high card

No More Card Tricks - A deck of cards suddenly becomes tightly wrapped in electrical tape

Strawesome - One drink changes to another of a different color through a clear straw

Orbit - A pack of chewing gum with only one piece remaining instantly refills itself

Short-Circuit - A pair of broken pair of headphones is audibly restored

Earfun - Headphones mysteriously defy Newton's law of universal gravitation

Jeff will also share with you his ideas to help you become a more precise and creative thinker!


Jon Armstrong is an amazing performer both close up and on stage. In this amazing 2.5 hour lecture, Jon first introduces card magic that is geared towards the close up performer. He also shares alternate ideas for his famous Tiny Plunger effect. The second half of his lecture focuses on stage/parlor performance with JUST a deck of cards.

Close up:

Tiny Plunger Ideas: Jon shares with you brand new ideas and routines for the Tiny Plunger Effect.

Band Through Neck: A rubber band VISUALLY passes through your neck. No gimmicks!

Rubber Band Melt: Jon's handling of the "Crazy Man's Handcuffs" effect. The bands unlink without doing that "move."

Magic Castle Fooler: Using a "15 of diamonds" card, Jon will fool you! Simple as that. Jon also shares his work on the Stop Force, and using a marked deck for maximum impact!

Plus! Jon shares his work on the Zarrow false shuffle and quickly touches on sandwich trick ideas.

Stand up:

Jon performs a start to finish, 25 minute stand-up act using just a deck of cards and then breaks it all down for you in amazing detail.

In this set, you will learn:

Repeat Card Under Watch: A selected card is found under the spectator's watch not once, but TWICE. In this routine, you will learn Jon's handling of Paul Harris's Whack Your Pack, as well as a way to vanish a single playing card.

Open Change: A hands-free effect! The magician never touches the cards! A randomly chosen spectator cuts to a randomly chosen card and puts that card into his pocket. The magician names that card. This can play to an audience of 5 or 500!

10,000 Dollar Closer: A spectator is asked to THINK of any playing card. That card is revealed in a very unique way! This is also a great way to have a spectator randomly chosen!


"Jon Armstrong is very entertaining and he is an expert with a deck of cards. "

Josh Burch, MyLovelyAssistant 8/26/2014 Full Review

"Overall the lecture felt like a session with an expert magical mentor and the majority of the time is devoted to a very clear exposition of technical and presentational issues."

SB, MagicSeen Magazine 8/26/2014

At the Table Live Lecture Karl Hein - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Kostya Kimlat - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Kyle Marlett - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Marcus Eddie - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Mark Calabrese - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Mark Elsdon - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Michael Ammar - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Mike Hankins - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Nathan Kranzo - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Nicholas Einhorn - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Patrick Kun - DVD


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Mike Hankins - Oh, how the table has turned! Mike Hankins, the former host of the ATT series is now our welcomed guest! Mike has worked as a consultant with the biggest names in the industry, including David Copperfield. Find out what type of secrets Mike has been hiding from the world in this very special At The Table Experience. Along with all the knuckle busters and fooling routines, Mike will fill your evening with unrivaled hilarity!


"I figure that if I just get one thing from a lecture that will notch up my magic entertainment quotient, it was a good lecture. There were several of those moments. Some of them are big moments, some are small, like the way he does his “magic gesture”. It may seem like a small thing, but genius!"

Doc Johnson, MyLovelyAssistant 7/31/2015 Full Review


The word "Magic" and the name "Michael Ammar" go hand in hand. Michael is a LIVING LEGEND in magic. Having been a personal student of the Professor himself, Dai Vernon, Michael has been an influence to magicians all over the world for many decades. In this 2 hour jam packed lecture, join host Joshua Jay as Michael shares with you some of his ideas and effects, both new and old.

Broken and Restored Screen: This is Michael's newest "go-to" impromptu effect. Borrow someone's phone and crack the glass on THEIR screen. Show them up close, how the broken screen looks and feels...then magically restore the phone and hand it back to them. Michael discusses how he developed this effect, how a packing bubble can enhance the illusion, and how you can make the simple gimmick needed to perform this close up illusion.

Rubber Band Jam: Michael Ammar does Crazy Man's Handcuffs--a rubber band penetration--better than anyone alive. It's likely you do this effect as well. Michael goes over several fine points that he has never tipped before, and how Richard Ross influenced his presentation in ways you haven't realized. Michael talks about concept of the "delayed revelation" that can be applied to countless effects that you already do.

Pencil Through Coin: NO! This is NOT the version you think you know. Michael Ammar consulted on a television special where this effect was used, and the method is FANTASTIC and NEW-new as in "brand new," never before lectured on.

Hardcore Card Jam: Michael Ammar has chops--great chops, and he has had great teachers. We rarely get to see Michael's chops up close because he often performs for groups of 50, 100, or 1000 people at a time. Well, now you get to see him up close and personal, as he gives you a master class on moves like the Side Steal, goes over some palms, and much more.

Silk Thru Coffee Mug: Michael performs and explains this extremely visual piece of magic. A silk passes through the handle of a coffee mug.

Topit Work: Michael is known for his work on the Topit, and in this segment, Michael shows you how to vanish a cellphone using a Topit.

Little Hand: Vanish a coin in your open palm, with a "little" help. Michael performs Bob Farmer's Little Creature then explains in full detail the work on this fun and visual piece of magic.


"...this lecture download has something for everybody and it was a delight to see how Ammar has evolved as an artist over the years. It is clear from this live session as well, that Ammar still has the magic. Highly passionate about the art and extremely driven; he is a shining beacon of inspiration to the rest of us."

Ning Cai, 7/8/2015 Full Review

"If you want to learn from the master himself in detail, this is the right place. (Austrian Review)"

Aladin Ausgabe Magazine, Reviewer 1/28/2015


Nathan Kranzo is a true worker in magic. Having honed his skills working resorts and going on tour, he went on to consult for Penn and Teller among others, and has had his work published in Magic Magazine, Genii Magazine, The Linking Ring and many more. In this At The Table Experience Nathan will teach you material that is tried and tested. Magic that has been worked and perfected over long periods of time. Fun, reputation making and fooling - Nathan brings it all! You'll see effects like:

RED BLUE Coincidence - Inspired by a Jim Steinmeyer effect. Almost self-working, and one of the cleanest card magic effects you will ever see.

Conradi Miracle Prediction - A routine straight from Kranzo's Comedy Magic and Mindreading Show! Nathan proves he can predict the future by pulling a duplicate of any THOUGHT OF card from his pants.

X-Ray Card Stab - Nathan's 'real work' on the X-ray Card Stab. An anytime, anywhere card stab using borrowed objects and even a borrowed deck!

The Coin Opener - Visual and attention-grabbing coin magic with audience interaction, and that can be done standing without a table. The perfect walk-around effect!

The Voodoo Card - One of Nathan's signature routines. A selected card folds itself and then SCORCHES itself by fire...inside the spectator's hand.

Rub A Dub Wallet - A quick card trick that is over in seconds but includes THREE strong moments of magic. The card to wallet ending fools magicians and laymen alike.

Tru Test - This is Nathan's adaptation of the U.F. Grant Magazine Test. A magazine is chosen, a page selected and torn to pieces by the spectator until they are left with a single piece. They think of a word on that piece, and tell them what it is! This is a closer!

The World's Coolest Book Test - Two paperback books that can be examined are offered. One is selected and any page opened to. You ask them to read a sentence and ask them if they can imagine or "draw" an image that represents what they read. They do, and so do you, duplicating it perfectly! A strong Book Test or Design Duplication that will even fool you and the brilliant and simple method will have you laughing at its simplicity!


"Great lecture from a great performer, I got quite a few gems out of this lecture and I am sure you will too."

James Conti, Reviewer 3/20/2015 Full Review

"There is such a great variety of material on here that it will appeal to beginners to full time performers."

Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 4/8/2015


Nick Einhorn: Nick is absolutely amazing. Having fooled Penn & Teller on the famous UK show, 'Penn & Teller - Fool Us', Nick is bringing you a lecture that you will not forget. Having authored numerous books and magic effects including, Nest of Wallets, Spooked, Pro-Flite and so much more, Nick will be showcasing his style of magic. He will also share with you his tips on how to book gigs, approaching a table or group of people, how to routine and much much more!

Money Deck - This is a surprise production of four coins that appear under a ribbon spread deck of cards. (Please note - the "surprise" is not guaranteed if you just read the above).

Unicorn Coin in Bottle - Nick's routining and handling of this classic effect. This is suitable for banquet tables and general close-up work. Plus, Nick shares with you his thoughts on the wear and tear of folding coins.

Signature Triumph - An in-the-hands version of Triumph with a very surprising ending. This effect is ideal for the 'mix and mingle' close-up performer.

Co-op - A quick and quirky color changing card which makes a perfect opener for a strolling close-up act!

Gold Rush - A tried and tested routine for the classic 'Ring Flight' which maximizes the visual moment of the vanishing ring.

Rainbow Deck - Nick's routine and handling of this great utility prop!

Ring on String - Here you will learn Nick's thoughts, handling and routining for this classic effect!

Pro-Flite - Nick shares with you his marketed performance of the classic Ring Flight effect. (Performance Only)

Nest of Wallets - A best seller! Nick will perform for you his routine and will cover with you all of the nuances that make this effect so killer and so strong.

Autographical Transposition - If you are bored of the $100 bill switch, then try THIS the next time you are performing at the tables.

Serial Number Devination - A sneaky and devious method to divine numbers on a random borrowed bill.

Hidden Influence - An amazing and seemingly impossible prediction which happens in the spectator's own hands!

Carat & Schtick - Sometimes it is the small comedic moments in between routines which make a real difference to an act. This little bit of fun will ALWAYS get a laugh and gasp. Aces 4 U - A four ace production on the offbeat.

IMP Force & Applications - This force is a great utility which leads in to multiple and unlimited opportunities. (Card at Any Number, an UN-gimmicked Brainwaved effect or even a You Find It plot)

Watch Match - A coincidence effect utilizing two borrowed watches.

NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.


"Two and a half entertaining hours with great close-up ideas. (German Review)"

Andreas Sucker, Magie Germany 2/6/2015


Mark Calabrese: Mark is a real worker. He has made his living performing magic for a number of years. He also was a Creative Consultant for the one and only Criss Angel. You also may have seen him on the hit SyFy show Wizard Wars, where Penn praised him for his performance style. His effects have fooled some of the top names in all of magic, and he will be sharing some of those effects with you, At the Table.

DVS - Mark will be talking about this technique in great detail and cover new ideas and routines that never made it on to the DVD!

Quincy - A signed card vanishes from the deck under impossible conditions and reappears anywhere the magician so desires!

M.O.P. - An open prediction so clean, you might...just might think it's your destiny!

BCLB - The spectator peeks a playing card with the magician in the other room. The magician can come back and tell the spectator EXACTLY which card he/she chose! The magician can even deal down to the selection! Oh, by the way, this is done with a BORROWED deck!

Grab - Mark will be tipping the work to his pet effect along with some updated routines and ideas that were not published in the original release!

Traction - Mark's ace cutting routine with a twist! ANY four of a kind is cut to, card by card and in the end, changes into the four aces! This can be done with a BORROWED deck! This is a real fooler!

IF*$@%ed - Reveal a text sent to your phone without ever looking at the text! Repeat, the magician NEVER looks at their phone!

Placebo - The spectator names any card and then takes the deck behind his/her back and reverses one card at random. When the deck is spread, ONE card is seen to be reversed and it is their NAMED card. The magician NEVER touches the deck after the spectator has the cards!

Center Tear - Mark will share with you his work on this classic move.

NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.


"If you are a card worker you will likely find something in this lecture that you will use. "

Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz, MyLovelyAssistant 6/17/2015 Full Review


Mark Elsdon is bringing his lecture titled Creating Magic, which focuses on the skills and techniques needed for ANY magician to learn to create their own tricks. Want to be a creative machine? Read on...

Using examples from his own repertoire, including full explanations of several marketed items, Mark will teach practical techniques to help anyone become more creative in their approach to magic. To illustrate, he will take a specific trick and show exactly what inspired him to create it, he will perform and explain several very different approaches and variations that led to the final version and then teach two brand new handlings.

He will also recommend his favorite books on creativity, and teach how the more general approaches described in those books can be easily adapted to the creation of new magic effects, methods and presentations.

In this lecture, you will learn:

Triple Impact -

The ideal walk-around trick. Not only does the magician predict which three cards a spectator will remove from the deck, he also predicts exactly which three freely-chosen pockets the spectator will choose to put them in!

Dream Poker -

The tables are turned as the spectator successfully reads the magician's mind, revealing details about the magician's dream that he couldn't possibly know.

Rubik Predicted -

See the hand-drawn genesis of the effect, learn the various version Mark created along the way and then learn the secret to the marketed effect. Finally, Mark will show what happens when you carry on your thinking after an effect is complete and marketed.


A worker's version of the ACAAN plot using a borrowed deck. No set-up, no gimmicks, no math, just a practical approach that leaves laymen thinking they've seen the impossible.

Bottle-capped -

A mentalism effect where the spectator somehow predicts the magician's favorite brand of beer.

Conversation as Mentalism effects -

What happens when you apply creative techniques to entirely remove all the props from a mentalism effect. Imagine being able to amaze people without the aid of any gadgets, gizmos or gimmicks, anytime, anywhere with just the knowledge in your head. Mark teaches 2 brand new CAM effects.


"A great lecture, from a great creator. Highest marks."

Stuart Philip, MyLovelyAssistant 3/3/2015 Full Review

At the Table Live Lecture Paul Draper - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Paul Gertner - DVD


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Patrick Kun's dynamic style of performing makes even the most difficult of sleights look easy. From his own brand of magic to his consulting days with David Copperfield and Cyril, this is an EXCLUSIVE session that focuses on how Patrick creates impromptu magic with visual gimmicked effects in mind. Host Mike Hankins speaks in depth with Patrick about his creative process and how he comes up with fresh ideas. Patrick also performs and explains some of his signature pieces and Effects never seen before.

PK-Touch On The Classics:

Inflict: (Sandwich Plot) - A VISUAL color changing sandwich routine than can be done with many different presentations.

PK Collectors: (Collectors Plot) - A selected card is found in between four of a kind within a split second!

DIY Aces: (Gambling Plot) - A simplified version on the Spectator Cuts the Aces plot. EASY TO DO!

Carboné: (Mystery Card Plot) - A utility move that allows you to switch the mystery card very openly and fair!

VOW: (Anniversary Waltz Plot/Basic Version) - A basic version of the Anniversary Waltz plot. Very simple and direct. Jaws drop for Patrick's version.


Vector: (Impromptu Haunted Deck) - Very visual and 'by the way', totally impromptu!

Surge: (Impromptu Card Rise) - Impromptu card rise that can be performed with any card box. No gimmicks! Everything is completely examinable. Can also be used as a very visual color change.


Mirror Force: Looking similar to the classic force, except the card is controlled to the bottom of the deck. This force can also conceal the back of a playing card.

4 Card Production: This is a flashy and flourishy way of producing four of a kind!


"If you like a bit of sleight of hand with your card magic, but you don’t want to go all the way to card flourishing, Patrick Kun’s magic is a nice half way house in that it is nicely visual but not overly fussy or complicated to watch."

Mark Leverage, MagicSeen Magazine 8/26/2014

"The material presented here is for the serious card and close-up worker, but will be well worth your efforts to master."

Jamie Salinas, M-U-M Magazine 4/29/2015

At the Table Live Lecture Peter Turner - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Rich Ferguson - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Rick Merrill - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Shin Lim - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Steven Himmel - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Will Houstoun - DVD


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Will Houstoun is an international award winning magician who specializes in consultancy for film and advertising as well as instruction on both the technical and historic aspects of magic. His talent has been recognized by the likes of Martin Scorsese, as he worked as a consultant for the movie "Hugo". Will has also published two books on magic and has released a vast array of ingenious effects. From the visually unbelievable, to the studied history and psychology of magic, Will's got you covered.


Steven Himmel is a Los Angeles based magician who's been performing his unique brand of magic for over 10 years. Steven is also an active member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. This young, fresh and creative mind has a wonderful amount of magic to offer the world and we've got you seat in the front row!


"This was an eclectic collection of routines and effects. "

Doc Johnson, MyLovelyAssistant 8/13/2015 Full Review


Justin Miller. Magic creator extraordinaire, and world-class sleight-of-hand artist. Hot off SyFy's hit TV show Wizard Wars, Justin joins us At The Table for something unique as he plans to take all of the effects he will be teaching, and perform them for a live audience prior to this event. He will then break down every performance as he goes over what worked, what didn't work and what could have be done differently - invaluable advice from anyone looking to improve their own magic and audience management! There will be magic ranging from never before published effects like VooDoo NoDude, which involves PK touches, fire and a bit of insanity, to updated handlings of things like Justin's ever popular Freedom Pack.

A special event that should not be missed!


"So much more amazing material was taught, and Justin's theory was incredibly valuable."

James Conti, Reviewer 3/26/2015 Full Review

"I really love that he showed them warts and all. It wasn’t just a stream of effects with “people gone wild” reactions. He really showed the range of real life reactions. In doing so, it was a real learning experience as he talked about audience control, the different reactions, how to work with different reactions, etc."

Doc Johnson, MyLovelyAssistant 4/3/2015 Full Review


Joshua Jay: You all know the name! As a young lad, Joshua started dazzling the magic world with amazing effects, routines and theory! He has published numerous articles, DVDs and has authored a best-selling book! This lecture will include magic that has been in print before, plus all-new, never before seen material as well! There will be a diverse mix of magic for everyone!

Hitchcock - A card effect with both suspense and surprise. This effect has been heralded all over the world and is featured in Joshua's one man show, but has never been published in video DVD format.

Totally Triumph - A stunning version of Triumph with a nifty production move that you will want to add to your repertoire.

Back in Time - This effect has it all--the presentation, technique, and theme that will engage an audience and take them to a very unusual place.

Cornered Plus - A completely impromptu routine with a borrowed bill that has it all.

Prism Deck - Josh's signature color-changing deck routine. You have to see this live to believe it.

Phantom Deck - Not available anywhere except AT THE TABLE, this is a closer for ANY card routine in which you cause the entire deck to turn clear.

Inferno - This is Josh's newest effect, and it won "Trick of the Year." A named card appears in a matchbox. Here you will find all the latest work on this captivating routine.

Any Card, Any Number - This is a VERY original and surprising version of the classic effect. If you want to learn a trick that people remember forever, don't miss this.

Triad Coins - Josh's new principle with coins that can be used in many, many different ways.

NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.


"Joshua Jay is a genius and his indigenous outlook and methods are very practical. More than the effects, which are great I loved the thinking and the principles he uses which have a wide variety of applications and I am sure if you are regular practitioner, it will improve on the effects that you’re already doing."

Satish Kumar, 9/16/2015 Full Review

"Did I like the lecture? No. I loved it."

Norman Beck, M-U-M Magazine 7/6/2015


Karl Hein possess uncanny ability with a deck of cards. He is truly a seasoned performer who has entertained audiences from all over the world with his charming persona and super cool hat. Karl goes into great detail explaining the Heinstein Shuffle. You also learn full routines, advice, and tips. If you are looking to add tried and tested material to your act, or just want some advice on how to polish your current act, then don't miss out on Karl Hein.

That Would Be A Freaking Miracle

A Talk about Palming

Hat Trick & Kicker Endings

Transformer Triumph

Heinstein Shuffle

False Overhand Shuffle Combo

Transformer Cut

Zarrow Shuffle & the Cover Pass


Heiny 500 (Performance Only)

Karl's Fave Impromptu Card Trick

Give Me 5

A talk about the Cull

Out Of Your Mind

Grandmother's BLT


" I think this is a fantastic lecture with things for both the amateur and the professional. Karl comes off as a very likable and down-to-earth magician who has some very interesting ideas and practical advice for the viewers. "

Harapan Ong, 7/8/2015 Full Review


Kostya Kimlat brings a never before seen lecture to the At The Table Live Lecture Series. He performs and explains 3 great effects but spends the majority of his time talking about the REAL secret to magic: YOU! Learn how to get your audience to perceive you in a different manner. How to approach a table of guests and WHAT material to perform. He also spends time on the inner workings of corporate magic. If you want to become a pro and don't know where to start or If you ARE a pro and have a hard time setting prices or booking gigs, then this lecture is for you.

Many Rooms in the House of Magic

Advice & His Goal


Control their Perception

The Approach

Orlando Magic & See Magic Live

Magic on Live TV

Restaurants for Beginners

Checklist & What to Charge

Corporate Restaurant Checklist

Stage Magic & What to Charge

Performance: Warning

Performance: Frixion

Performance: Who Killed The King


"He has found a great balance between being a commercial magician and being original and fresh in magic, and his lecture has so much rock-solid advice that I cannot imagine anyone walking away from the lecture without learning something new and useful that will make them a much better magician overall."

Harapan Ong, 9/30/2015 Full Review

"If you have ever considered doing magic for a living (partial or full) then this lecture is for you - you will learn many valuable things from this one. "

Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz, MyLovelyAssistant 10/27/2014 Full Review


We are proud to bring you Murphy's Magic's own product developer, Kyle Marlett. Kyle has experience creating magic for the biggest names in the business! Known amongst creators as the consultant to the stars, Kyle is bringing some never before-seen effects to this very special At The Table Experience! Not only will you be learning some cool, visual and organic magic, you'll also be able ask your questions directly to Kyle about what it takes to be a top magic consultant. This is an experience you can't miss!


"This was a great lecture! I thoroughly enjoyed it! He taught around 20 effects in this lecture, some you may like, some you may not, but there was definately a lot of variety. Kyle taught some close up, some parlour, even some stage routines that could play for a huge theatre/arena. Hosted by Greg Wilson, the lecture was fun, informative and a massive jam session! "

James Conti, Reviewer 5/11/2015 Full Review

"This is a really fun lecture with a ton of material."

Josh Burch, Reviewer 5/20/2015


Marcus Eddie will fool you. Simple as that. If visual close-up magic is your thing, you definitely want to check out this lecture. Filled with jaw dropping effects that utilize MORE than just playing cards, Marcus will take you on a journey into his super funky-jazzy-style of magic. He adds a unique touch into his magic that is both visually appealing, and precisely fine-tuned and well crafted. this is a close up lecture that DOESN'T focus on cards. Check out what Marcus covers:

Fresh: Instantly refill an empty breath strip container.

Something Borrowed Link and unlink a borrowed ring or key on a key tag.

Paper Cut: Two borrowed bills melt through each other. No gimmicks!

Focus: Magically repair Eye glass/shades.

Color Band: Visually change the color of a rubber band.

Separation: A shuffled deck magically separates itself, the blacks from the reds.

Reconnect: Any card is clearly seen and heard to be ripped, then restored with just a touch.

Post Predict: Predict choices with this utility system, featured in a new 'Mental Epic' style routine with different color Post-It pads.

Jumbo Spellbound: Marcus shows you his inner workings on jumbo coin magic.

PLUS: Marcus shares with you his creative process, perception and defining what magic means to YOU. Learn about the man himself, as Marcus takes you on a journey on his growth in magic. He shares with you the ups and downs of taking risks, and the rewards of staying true to your dream.


"Some striking magic with everyday items, well explained and filmed. Refreshing lack of card tricks."

PP, MagicSeen Magazine 8/26/2014


Murphy's Magic is proud to welcome Paul Gertner to the At The Table Experience coming this January, a lecture full of innovative, hard-hitting and INSPIRING magic!

Want advice from a master magician? A man recognized by his peers as one of the finest sleight-of-hand magicians in the world today, has consulted for David Copperfield and has even performed for a U.S. President? We know we do.

From his amazing Steel and Silver to the astonishing Unshuffled, Paul will be performing, teaching and explaining his most famous pieces of magic as well as gems he has kept hidden from the world until now.

With over a THOUSAND clients and 30 years worth of experience, here is your chance to learn from one of the best in the business


"Loads of great routines, stories, tips and advice to improve your magic. You can't go wrong."

James Conti, Reviewer 1/20/2015 Full Review

"It has effects that are truly miracle of our times and a worthwhile content you should have in your library."

Satish Kumar, 9/30/2015 Full Review

"Over two and a half hours of great close-up magic, story telling and piece of advice. This is filled with gems and to see somebody of Paul’s calibre share so much makes this a very worthwhile download."

Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 2/17/2015

" If you are a Gertner fan I can’t think of another place where you can learn both his Unshuffled and cups and balls routine. "

Josh Burch, Reviewer 3/8/2015


Paul Draper is one of the hardest working mentalists and magicians we know. An anthropologist, magician and mentalist all in one, Paul has traveled the world performing, lecturing and spreading his knowledge of these arts, even having had the honors of performing at the world famous Magic Castle. Paul has appeared on TV on several occasions and won the Merlin Award in 2014 for Best Corporate Performer. In this AT THE TABLE EXPERIENCE, Paul will be performing and explaining pieces of both magic and mentalism. He will also be discussing the limitations of mentalism, how to create a character and much more.

We welcome you as we step inside the mind of Paul Draper!


"The lecture was really great! If you are interested in mentalism, or a seasoned pro, I am sure you can learn something from Paul Draper. He also covered in the lecture his psychometry routine (which was brilliant) and he gave some great character building thoughts and tools to help you create an engaging and true to you character."

James Conti, Reviewer 5/1/2015 Full Review

"If you are a full time or part time mentalist, this is a must have crash course to keep on your iPhone or iPad and listen to regularly."

Joe Diamond, MyLovelyAssistant 4/30/2015 Full Review

"Whether you are a beginning mentalist or an experienced practitioner, you will get lots of great ideas and insights from this lecture. There is something here for everyone whether it is an effect or a bit of philosophy on character, show or career development."

Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz, MyLovelyAssistant 5/11/2015 Full Review

"His advice on understanding who you are and finding yourself as a performer is insightful. "

Stuart Philip, MyLovelyAssistant 6/17/2015 Full Review

"Paul has a lot of background in theater and he really shows his knowledge here. I highly recommend this lecture."

Josh Burch, Reviewer 3/21/2015 Full Review


What CAN'T be said about Rich Ferguson? Well how about in 2012, Rich had one of YouTube's MOST searched for videos? Or what about being a featured guest on the daytime hit television show, Ellen? Or, maybe it's his #1 book ranking on Amazon? How about being one of the finalists on NBC's reality show, Phenomenon? How about top-selling effects like Serial Biller, Tagged and Out of this Word?

Rich Ferguson is taking time out of his busy schedule to sit down with you to teach you more than just magic tricks. Rich will be talking a LOT about MARKETING and how to sell yourself to others. He will also talk about YouTube, what it means to the magic community, and how you can let yourself be seen and heard! Rich will also talk about promotion and how to promote yourself as well as promoting your brand.

This lecture will also feature some never before published material that Rich has been saving JUST for this lecture:

Fallout - This is an AWESOME utility move that is s a hybrid between a side steal and a second deal. Rich will cover many ways to utilize this sleight that really does have endless possibilities!

Sniper - A fancy (and total BLUFF) way to get a chosen card to pop out of "anywhere" from the deck on pop/flip onto other hand.

Plus much, much more!

NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.


Rick is a FISM winning World Champion of Close-up magic. Join him as he covers some of the visual magic and routines that made him a champion. His lecture is a show in itself. From close up magic with cards and coins, to corporate and comedy magic, there is something here for everyone.

Rick's Stand Up Opener: A multiple selection card routine filled with unique and entertaining revelations, original comedy, and great thinking. This is the routine Rick has used to open his stand up show for more than 10 years. It's filled with laughs and magical moments - and just wait until you see the method!

Three Change: A three coin routine where the coins change but do not 'fly'. Visual coin magic in Rick's off-beat style.

Royal Cut Flush: An amazing display of card skill without the hours of practice. The method is almost as amazing as the effect!

Coin and Marker: The basis for Rick's Grand Prix FISM act involves a sharpie marker and a Morgan silver dollar. With these two items, Rick will show you how you can perform mind-blowing magic that's both visual and entertaining!

Sleeving: Rick shares his work on this useful and secret technique.

Empty Hand Vanish: Learn how to vanish a pen, pencil, or marker - with your sleeves rolled up! Pure sneakiness.

Plus: Rick shares stories from FISM, his travels abroad, his feelings on magic competition, and useful thoughts on creating original magic. You're guaranteed to laugh and have a great time.


"The various techniques and sleights used in the routine will be of interest to all magicians..."

Harapan Ong, 8/12/2015 Full Review


Shin Lim joins us At The Table and brings with him the 2 FISM acts that are both magical and memorable. While Shin doesn't completely explain these acts, he covers some of the effects he uses. He also teaches you how to construct gimmicks, how to split cards, and how to use black art. Shin also performs some of the knuckle-busting sleight of hand magic that he is known for all over the world. This includes some fancy ace productions, a Twisting the Aces type routine and the Snap Change. Shin Lim is a very unique creator and you will thoroughly enjoy his lecture.

Performance: 52 Shades of Red

The Flap Card

Splitting a Playing Card

Shin Talks about Black Art

Using Magnets


Card & Coin Move for Matrix

4 Aces


The Snap Change

Performance: The Dream Act

The Mercury Card Fold


"I think the most useful lessons are Shin’s sleight of hand routines and the gimmick-making sessions"

Harapan Ong, 7/29/2015


The man, the myth, the legend himself, Peter Turner joins us for an unforgettable At the Table Experience! Peter is currently consulting on countless TV shows across the world, applying his highly sought after mentalist mind to some of the world's biggest stages. Peter is known for his bold approach to mentalism which has left nearly all of his material sold out within hours of release. From gritty street performances to completely baffling mind reading, we've got you covered! Don't miss out on one of the most promising lectures of the year!


"Peter is one of the greatest minds in out industry, and this lecture captures that brilliance perfectly. I can honestly say, this is the best lecture I have ever seen."

James Conti, Reviewer 6/12/2015 Full Review

"As it has a huge focus on number divination I would say that if you want to divine a 4 digit number check this lecture out. "

Josh Burch, Reviewer 6/29/2015

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