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At the Table Live Lecture Caleb Wiles - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Chris Korn -  DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Bizzaro -      



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At the Table Live Lecture Alan Rorrison - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Chris Mayhew - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Casshan Wallace DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Alex Pandrea - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Dan Hauss -  DVD


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Chris Mayhew. The mighty Chris Mayhew is but a young chap who fools when he performs. Plain and simple. His CAANDY effect absolutely fooled the heck out of some of the most knowledgeable sleight of hand technicians around. To say it bluntly, Chris Mayhew is damn good. His technique and skill? Truly uncanny. He is so good in fact that it has been rumored that even Dai Vernon tried to contact him once. 

It's already been mentioned that CAANDY was a huge HIT. So was A Clockwork Apple. It was an amazing success. If you are a true card man, then please do not miss out on the opportunity to see Chris Mayhew at work! Mayhew have a look at what he plans on performing and explaining in his lecture?

Mr. Hands - A devilish way to transform a card in someone's hand.
Running Man - An impromptu way to perform Anniversary Waltz.
Ambitious Card - Featuring The Lazy Rise
Dairy Queens - A McDonald's Four Ace Routine handling spun with a chaotic twist
Safety - A simple three-phase Linking Safety Pin routine
Questions - A surreal sandwich routine with a kickback-style ending
The Hole Thing - A visual sandwich concept using two Jokers with holes.
Meduimph - Triumph is put in the spectator's hands in a very simple and powerful way. 

NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.


"This was an insightful and valuable lecture in the At The Table series. Chris was funny, enjoyable and a really great teacher
James Conti, Reviewer 4/8/2015 

"This lecture is “keeping it real” with great magic, things that go wrong, and how Chris works through these moments with impromptu skills.
Doc Johnson, MyLovelyAssistant 7/31/2015 


"This lecture is “keeping it real” with great magic, things that go wrong, and how Chris works through these moments with impromptu skills.
Doc Johnson, MyLovelyAssistant 9/18/2015 


"...if you like magic and performance that takes more than a few left turns on you, and enjoy a piece or two of strange, you’ll like Chris Mayhew’s lecture.
Antonio M. Cabral, M-U-M Magazine 4/29/2015



Alex Pandrea has surged to the cutting edge of sleight of hand magic. In a unique format, we'll explore the three facets of Alex's career. He began performing close-up at restaurants, where his material had to be quick, visual, and perfect for small groups. That evolved as Alex became immersed in the New York magic scene, where he expressed his sleight of hand and "move monkey" zen. Then Alex's venue has shifted again to more formal performances useful in stand-up settings. In this lecture you will be able to explore EACH of these aspects of Alex's magic, in three sections of an exciting and jam-packed 2 hour lecture. 

Domino Effect: Copper Silver Transpo done with sugar packets. A perfect item for magic in or around restaurants. (Performance Only) 
Arson: A stunning and practical routine that combines the "Kiss" plot with "Chicago Opener." There's fire, a selected card, and lots of mystery. 
Mental Magic effect: A mixture of magic and mentalism, wherein you predict a selected card AND a thought-of city. 

Eliminace: A gorgeous transposition of a selected card and the Ace of Spades. Direct, surprising, and with a cool plot line. 
Mystery Card: A deceptive version o the mystery card using T.O.P - a turnover pass variation which both forces a card and hides its back. 
2 Card Reset: "Dr. Daley's Last Trick" remixed with Paul Harris' "Reset." 
5 Sleights in 5 Minutes: Exactly as it states, Alex shares with you 5 knuckle-busting sleights that are reserved for the "Move Monkeys". This is hardcore sleight of hand magic.

Four Quarters Bill Switch: Magick Balay's bill switch taught with his permission. This is, perhaps, the greatest and fastest bill switch you will ever see, and Alex will explain it in great detail. 
Card routine Finesse: This will be a discussion of some of Alex's favorite card routines to perform in loud or parlor-style venues, and how to construct routines for this area. 
Ambitious Card Routine and Theory - This is a MASTERCLASS in how to construct a multi-phase routine. Alex has whittled down the routine to its bare essentials, and the results are gorgeous. More importantly, we get to see the "move" that Alex is known for - his Pass.


"Overall an enjoyable lecture, with some excellent advice and technique to appeal to a cardician.
CP, MagicSeen Magazine 8/26/2014



One of magic's fastest rising stars, Casshan Wallace brings his incredible array of organic, visual and memorable magic to the At The Table Experience! Casshan is well known for his killer effect "Melting Point" which has gotten him rave reviews, but what most people are starting to find out is that this guy is no one trick pony! With videos of him creating one magic trick a day on Youtube, to him creating one per hour for 24 hours! Cash has also performed along the industry greats on the hit show Wizard Wars. Stay tuned to find out what all the hype is about!


"Casshan's lecture was great and I got a lot of effects that I will use out of it.
James Conti, Reviewer 7/7/2015 


"He’s a young guy and I’ve seen some awesome magic come out of his mind. 
Josh Burch, Reviewer 7/17/2015



Alan Rorrison is quite the creative fellow. He has been a creative consultant for both Dynamo and TROY, and has released many hit effects into the magical universe. He thinks outside of the box and his many creations reflect that mindset. 

In this lecture, Alan will be performing and explaining effects that have never seen print. Not only that, he will spend time talking about the creative process from HIS point of view, and share with you what goes on in his mind when trying to create a new effect. Alan will also talk about creating magic for TV and how that differs from creating for himself and others. So, unpublished work from Alan Rorrison? A talk on creativity from a creative guy? Yes please! 

Slick Sandwich - A sandwich routine where the spectator throws in 2 jokers into a dribbled deck and catch their own signed card. 

Misers Monte - A Monte routine where all the controls are done for you with a simple gimmick and you can always win. 

Broken home 2.0 - The updated broken and restored key that uses a borrowed key and a simple gimmick that can be carried on you any time anywhere. 

Linked - Take a key off your spectator's key chain and visually link it back on in a second. 

Trans - A bill transpo that happens in the spectators hands. 

Quick cap - A signed cap in bottle where only one cap is used and the spectator is left with the bottle. 

Peter's beer - A self-popping beer or soda bottle. Completely hands off. 

Money through headphones - Take some headphones and have the spectator hold the cord for you. You then take a banknote and pass it visually through. 

NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.


"So, unpublished work from Alan Rorrison? A talk on creativity from a creative guy? Yes please! 
Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 2/11/2015


"I enjoyed this experience, and am inspired to put together one or two of the effects. I think I know Mr. Rorrison better now, and I’ll be on the lookout for new effects from him.
Curtis Kam, M-U-M Magazine 2/27/2015


At the Table Live Lecture Dani da Ortiz - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Danny Garcia - DVD


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Dan Hauss is an absolute magic genius. Having been a creative force to the one and only David Blaine, Dan's creations have been loved and adored by magicians all over the world. Recently, Dan was featured on the new hit show, Wizard Wars on the SyFy network.

Join Dan as he presents to you a one of a kind lecture, featuring ALL NEW material.

Take a look at what the Hauss will be lecturing about:


Visually make a coin and ring morph, change places, appear, and disappear. This is the kind of heavy hitting stuff that Dan is known for!


This is the vanishing deck on steroids! Place a card into the middle of the deck. Lightly riffle all of the cards and in the blink of an eye, the deck completely vanishes!


Crush a rock and mold it into a ring. Or, push your finger right through a rock. Karate Coin on crack!


Learn a funny and cleaver way to pretend to eat cotton balls from a bag.


Dan's take on a classic! A borrowed coin goes into an empty sugar packet. The performer then pushes a small knife or toothpick right through the center of the coin.

FLOW 2.0 -

Dan is going to be teaching a new way to perform his best-selling effect, FLOW. This has NEVER been taught before.


This is a very visual torn and restored card with all of the McGuyver-Haussiness mixed in.


Dan is going to be talking about David William's classic move, while adding his idea's and theory to the already great vanish. Dan will teach you how to VISUALLY change one coin to another in your open hand.


Yet ANOTHER classic effect created by Dan with a whole new concept. This has a kicker ending that must be seen to be believed.


Dan's take on one of his favourite tricks called The Acme Portable Hole. You draw a circle on a box of cards and see it move and come to life. Dan's handling will fry you and your spectators!


Dan will share his ideas on back-palming in close-up situations and will discuss different effect ideas that use a back-palm.


This is a jam session dedicated to some classic gimmicks that Dan has re-vamped and is used in Dan's show. Breathing new life into old gimmicks!

Knowing Dan Hauss, there could be much, MUCH more!


"The magic of Dan Hauss has been performed by many magicians around the world including David Blaine and Dynamo. He is a crazy creative. This lecture is a little all over the place but it fits Dan’s attention span. There’s some good magic on here."

Josh Burch, MyLovelyAssistant 1/24/2015 Full Review

"...two-and-ahalf hours later I was gob smacked by the plethora of ideas, gimmicks, concepts, and tricks offered by Dan Hauss."

Jim Kleefeld, M-U-M Magazine 3/27/2015


Daniel Garcia is not only one of the most influential creators in the industry, but he is also the most sought-after consultant for television magic. He helped sculpt the television careers of Dynamo, David Blaine and others. In his 2 hour lecture, Danny will share with you many of his favorite effects, as well as lots of NEW material. Danny will also bring clips of behind-the-scenes work he has done for some of the biggest names in magic.


Time Line 2.0: A signed, odd-backed card vanishes from the box and ends up being the "newly" selected card. Workable, smart, deceptive.

Red: A freely selected card happens to be the only red card in the pack.

Serial Shuffle: A deck is shuffled by numerous spectators and ten cards are freely dealt out, which end up matching the serial number on the box.

Serial Shufflebored: A combination of Serial Shuffle and Simon Aronson's Shufflebored. A smart, natural combination.

Deepwater: A Do-As-I-Do Oil and Water Routine with a fabulous kicker ending.

Open Coincidence (3 versions): A prediction is shown and the spectator freely deals the cards, stopping on one card, which happens to match your open prediction.


21: Two bills change places while one is held by the spectator.

Engage (bill ring): Instantly fold an origami ring out of a dollar bill.

Yellow Phone (2 versions): Correctly guess the item a spectator is guessing from a list on your phone.

Credit Through Bill: A credit card passes through a bill slowly, yet the bill is unharmed.

EMIT: Everyone travels back in time, which is proven in this interactive phone effect.

Dough Boy: A coffee stir stick is pushed through a bill and then visually penetrates through, leaving no rips.


"This is a good mix of material that it for the most part easy to do. If you like magic with paper money especially there is a lot here for you."

Josh Burch, MyLovelyAssistant 8/25/2014 Full Review


We have seen Dani DaOrtiz MELT the minds of his fellow magicians during late-night sessions at conventions time and time again. With a mix of his unique approach to magic thinking, influences from names like Tamariz and Ascanio, and his unconventional and always massively entertaining presentations it is no surprise that Dani is in demand all over the world.

You will not only learn hard-hitting material, but also how to connect with your audience. You will feel bold enough to take risks like never before, and see how he makes all performances feel unique no matter how many times you've seen them before.

Here's your chance to be inspired, fooled, and amazed by one of the most entertaining magicians alive!


"The real great part of this lecture is his thoughts on psychology, improvisation, setting up an act and how to set up for a close up show. His thoughts on improvisation were very interesting. He likes to make it look like he is just making everything up but he explains exactly when he takes chances and you’ll be surprised to find out when he actually improvises. "

Josh Burch, Reviewer 2/26/2015


Doc is a renaissance man. Cards, coins, and even paper balls, Doc Dixon is truly well-rounded in magic. He has numerous published works including his MonkeyShines series which is hilarious and full of amazing material including information on failure tricks and even his take on the Paper Balls over the Head. His effect, Diary of Decision, is a real worker for both close-up and stage.

In this lecture, Doc is going to keep you laughing while sharing with you some of the secrets that has made him so successful over the years. Prepare to be entertained with Doc Dixon!

This is what Doc's lecture will cover:


A "prequel" to perform before tossed out deck

Five hands Plus One:

A pseudo double duke riffle stack from a shuffled deck. Combines the ideas of Marlo, Leipzig, Gardner and yours truly.

Pull my finger:

A spectator pulls off the performer's index finger. Like "The Web", but without the arachnophobia baggage.

Carpe Cajones Revisited:

A performer writes a prediction on the face of a playing card, predicting the selected card and the month the spectator was born. Introduces the "Carpe Cajones" concept, a power concept for predictions.

Bits of Business:

Small, yet powerful additions to classic tricks, including the McCombical Prediction and a VERY commercial use for a chick pan for restaurant workers.

All this PLUS 3-5 more effects, all fresh from the mind of Doc Dixon!


"This is a very likable lecture by a very likable guy. It will hit you like you were sitting in Panera’s with him kibitzing."

Jim Kleefeld, M-U-M Magazine 2/27/2015


Darwin Ortiz is a MASTER of close-up card magic and gambling techniques. Known worldwide for the many books that he has released on both subjects, Darwin is sure to delight with his charming presentations and ridiculously smooth handling of some of the most intricate of techniques. Having spent DECADES deceiving others with his uncanny skills, Darwin is sharing some of the many classic effects that he is known for, plus some new, unpublished material.

This lecture will leave you wanting more, as he dives deeply into presentation, sleights and theory.

Let's take a look at some of the effects that Darwin will be bringing AT THE TABLE:

Fast Company -

One of the most convincing versions of Triumph you'll ever perform. Thanks to a great new presentational angle, it may also be the most entertaining.

Jacks Or Better -

Darwin's latest handling of this highly commercial gambling routine from Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table.

Hard Target -

A two-phase sandwich effect that seems to present an uncanny demonstration of skill.

The New Back Off -

Start with four double-backed cards and 'magicially' print faces on each. If you are a fan of packet tricks, this is one of THE most convincing packet tricks that you will ever perform.

Card Sense -

A baffling triple card divination. A multiple selection routine that is sure to stun and fool!

Appointment in Samarra -

A unique effect and a powerful presentation that will create a memorable experience for your audience.

PLUS! Darwin will present an effect from his latest book, Lessons in Card Mastery. Sorry folks, this is a performance only.


"Hard-hitting. Brain Melting. Strong Card Magic. That’s what Darwin Ortiz is capable of. At over 3 hours, Darwin Ortiz not just performs, but shares the method behind all those deviousness. "

Dylan Tay, 7/8/2015 Full Review


Chris Korn is a name that the magic community has known for quite some time. He is very well respected and has dropped the jaws of some of Hollywood's biggest names including Brad Pitt, JJ Abrams, Alec Baldwin and Ari Gold himself, Jermey Piven. 

What makes Chris a pro? He has performed for audiences in over 20 different countries around the world, and over 100 cities across the US of A. He also had his own TV special on A&E titled, Mondo Magic, where he entertained over 74 million viewers worldwide. 

From playing cards, to coins, to whatever Chris touches...he plans on bringing a lecture that appeals to magicians of any skill level. No matter if you are brand new to magic or a seasoned pro, there will literally be something to take away from this lecture. 

Chris Korn's AT THE TABLE Live Lecture will be a different experience, as he will touch on effects that he has never lectured about, as well as cover effects that you may have already seen, but with extra handling ideas and tips from one of the most talented sleight-of-hand magicians in the world.

Chris is truly one of the most influential and creative powers within the magic community. So if you are looking to learn from a polished, experienced and true working pro, then tune in to Chris Korn's AT THE TABLE LIVE LECTURE.


"If you like coins, this will be a good lecture for you to get a few fresh ideas from. 
Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz, MyLovelyAssistant 1/29/2015 


"Where most magicians would go on and on about how good this material is, Chris downplays it, letting the effects speak for themselves. But don’t be fooled, this is simple, sophisticated, and commercial stuff.
Curtis Kam, M-U-M Magazine 3/27/2015



Caleb Wiles: Caleb is an author, creator, a columnist for Genii and an all-around nice guy! His lecture is full of incredible close-up routines that are designed for the real world! Every effect has been highly acclaimed by some of THE most important critics in magic - REAL LIVE AUDIENCES. But that's not to say that YOU won't be excited about his material. His marketed effects, including High Spots, Six Pack and Rematch have received rave reviews from magicians all over the world. 

So take a look at what Caleb plans to bring to you: 

Armchair Mind Reading - This simple effect has fooled some of the best card guys in the world. It looks like real mind reading! 

Reswindled - This is a version of Re-set that even the Paul Harris says is THE best version EVER! 

Crystal Cut - A versatile false cut and control that will surely become a part of your repertoire! So bye bye to the double undercut! 

Clue - An easy to do effect where 'Clue cards' reveal the identity of the spectator's selection. But that is only the beginning! This uses an underutilized principle that most magicians have never seen before! 

Make A Wish - A practical, birthday-themed card effect that is easy enough for the beginner but strong enough for the working pro. 

Replicator - A topical presentation Hamman's Signed Card plot with a kicker ending that absolutely KILLS laymen! 

Spin the Wheel and Make the Deal! - A "Deal or No Deal" themed card trick with an absolutely impossible ending. Laymen go nuts! 

NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.


"If you are a card magician, you will really appreciate this lecture. Great material at a great price. 
James Conti, Reviewer 10/27/2014 
Full Review



In a world full of reality TV and lackluster entertainment, Bizzaro: The Optical Illusionist, strives to prove that "normal" is just the setting on a dryer. 

Bizzaro has performed from coast to coast and appeared on FOX, NBC, America's got Talent, and the Travel Channel's Extreme Conventions. He has even been seen at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. He has fabricated magic for other entertainers like Gallagher and the one and only, David Copperfield. 

This will be a lecture like you have never seen before, as Bizzaro takes you into his laboratory of magic and mystery. You will learn, STEP BY STEP, how to make, construct and perform magic from Bizzaro's twisted yet VERY creative mind. 

This will be a lecture on Prop making and creativity. He will also talk about simple, basic electronics that you can do at home, to turn your performance into something amazing! 

Every effect that Bizzaro performs and teaches in this lecture will be BRAND NEW, material that has NEVER BEEN PUBLIHSHED!


This AT THE TABLE EXPERIENCE with Ekaterina, will have a little bit of everything for everyone. Ekaterina, who appeared on the SyFy hit show, Wizard Wars, will be giving you an exciting class in cardistry, magic & showmanship. There will be something here for both the complete beginner as well as the more advanced. So break out your cards, and prepare to learn everything from basic flourishes to enhance your magic, to the more advanced and difficult moves to just plain show off.

Ekaterina will also be covering magic for both close-up and stage as she tips one of the effects for the stage that she performed on Wizard Wars. Ekaterina will also perform and explain a few card effects which have never seen print until this event. One of them fooled Penn & Teller! Mix that in with a funny rope-escape routine, and you have yourself an AT THE TABLE EXPERIENCE that cannot be missed!


"Ekaterina is a brilliant performer and she really delivered with this lecture. "

James Conti, Reviewer 3/6/2015 Full Review

"Ekaterina is known for cardistry, and she covered not only cardistry, but combining cardistry with magic. It was a valuable lesson to learn to be flexible and be willing to push the boundaries."

Doc Johnson, MyLovelyAssistant 8/19/2015 Full Review

"This is a sure-fire winner!"

David Kenney, Reviewer 5/14/2015 Full Review

"When it comes to card artistry Ekaterina is one of the finest I’ve ever seen. She really makes card work an art form and performs some incredible work with a deck of cards. She says something interesting that she doesn’t perform many card tricks for people because there are so many. What she does perform though is very memorable and leaves a lasting impression with your audience more than pretty much all others. It’s very unique. "

Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 3/1/2015

At the Table Live Lecture Darwin Ortiz - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Doc Dixon -  DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Ekaterina -    DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Eric Ross -    DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Francis Menotti - DVD


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Eric Ross has been one of the most prolific creators in this industry. His edgy style and creative mind have landed him on some of the best platforms, including the Ellen Degeneres show. Eric has been actively creating magic for years and has brought a slew of great, working effects with him for his debut At The Table Experience!

At the Table Live Lecture Geoff Williams - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Hannibal  -    DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Jack Carpenter - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Jason England - DVD


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At the Table Live Lecture Jay Sankey - DVD


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Geoff Williams - Comedy, conjuring and creativity all in one! Having won more than two dozen awards, Geoff is as amazing as he is funny. He has lectured and performed in more countries than most have visited, and has fine-tuned his material to perfection over the course of three decades. From cards to coins, bottles and movie tickets, Geoff will be bringing a bit of everything for this At The Table Experience that is sure to be full of great magic!

THIS ONE! - A slight variation of a stunning-yet-easy-to-do packet trick by the amazing Cameron Francis. Works for stage shows as well!

DEFIBRILLATOR - A card is selected and hidden away while the magician's back is turned. The cards are handed under the table to the magician who proceeds to reveal which card was chosen by process of elimination.

JACKIE CHAN BACKHAND CATCH - An easy flourish to show a card as being just a single card.

QUADRIL - A flourishy, 4-packet, full deck cut that preserves the order of the deck.

BREATHER CRAMP - This is a specialized breather crimp that can be distinguished by feel alone.

4-WAY COINCIDENCE - The deck is shuffled by a spectator and a prediction is made. The other three cards matching the prediction are surprisingly located by several stunned spectators.

LOST & SNIFFED - The spectator selects a card fairly and shuffles it back into the deck. The magician finds it using only the sense of SMELL!

D.E.TRIUMPHS - A variation of Don England's Triumph-style effect that appeared in an issue of Onyx. This version is even EASIER than Don's handling!

KEWPIE - Borrowed coin in borrowed pen - impromptu magic at its best!

TWO OPENERS - Two variations on a bottle production for stage, parlor or even close-up.

THE ONE-TWO PUNCH - A hole punched into a movie ticket is visibly pulled off of the ticket and slid onto another. Revised handling from Michael Weber's original, and a real reputation maker!

NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS - Separate pieces of newspaper INSTANTLY fuse back into a restored condition. Quick & easy reset!

ROCKY SHOES - There is something wrong with your foot. Removing your shoe, you dump a LARGE ROCK out of it. Almost immediately, you dump a SECOND LARGE ROCK out of the same shoe.

BACHELOR'S THREAD - Raj Madhok's marvelous method of magically producing the ring for a Ring & String routine. It just appears out of nowhere!

THREADY OR NOT - Geoff's reinvented handling for the first phase of any Ring & String routine. Originally based on the Earl Nelson move (in "Variations"), this one addresses two major discrepancies in the original.


With an undisputable passion and love for magic, Francis Menotti is one of the best at taking magic as a craft and turning it into ART. Famous for his powerful presentations of magic, we can guarantee that anyone interested in improving their magic will learn something from Menotti.

During this At The Table Experience, Menotti will not only perform and teach the inner workings of some of his most famous effects such as Exdyslically Shunuffled, but also bring with him unpublished work on cards, coins and even the mind. In other words, there will be something here for everyone!

No matter where you are in the world - here is your chance to watch and learn from one of the best. Experience Menotti and ask any questions live you might have along the way.


"His theory and thoughts are really valuable and I got a lot out of this lecture."

James Conti, Reviewer 1/20/2015 Full Review

"This download is filled with a lot of incredible information. Francis opens up and shares not only great magic but even more importantly advice that will help improve your performance and your business."

Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 2/13/2015

"There were many aspects of theory and branding that he touched on that I can find myself applying to my magic and I see no reason why others couldn’t do the same."

Josh Burch, Reviewer 3/12/2015


Jack Carpenter has contributed over 40 years of his life to the art of magic. His sleight of hand techniques are truly one of a kind. Jack WILL completely FRY your mind as he takes you down one path only to completely de-rail what you THINK you know.. THAT is the reason why Jack Carpenter has been praised by some of the top cardmen in magic today. From his published books, to manuscripts, to DVDs, Jack has spent a lifetime paving the way for the die-hard sleight of hand enthusiasts.

This will be YOUR chance to learn NEVER BEFORE published material from one of magic's true legends. In this "sleight of hand course", Jack will be going over:

Card steals, shuffles and controls. PLUS Jack will show you some never before seen routines that utilize these moves. Here are just a few of the items that Jack will be sharing with you:

Way Off Balance - Freely place 4 aces on to the table and then place the rest of the deck in the box. With NO funny movements, the deck is seen to instantly be on the table, leaving only the 4 aces in the box. Highly visual card magic!!!!

Gambling Protection 101 - After shuffling and cutting the deck several times, you spread the cards on to the table. You reach into your jacket pocket and show that you have stolen all of the red cards, leaving only the black cards behind.

The NEW Carpenter Shuffle Shift - Place 4 aces into four different parts of the deck. Execute a few riffle shuffles. With NO funny moves, the Aces all end up gathering under your drink! (This is just one of MANY applications that utilize this fantastic move.)

NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.


"While the tricks are great, I was even more entranced by Carpenter's thoughts about why his routines often take a detour, and why it will be a meaningful detour."

Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine 1/27/2015

"This is a real goldmine of incredible card material that every card person should watch and learn."

Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 2/25/2015


Hannibal closes out the month of July with a 3 + hour lecture filled with magic, comedy and heartwarming stories. He covers his version of Cards Across, then performs and explains in great detail his signature piece, The Pringles Act, complete with a kicker of an ending. Hannibal also shares with you a piece of magic involving coins and an item that we have all seen before, plus some fantastic marketing ideas to help you get your show rolling.

The Pringles Act: Taught as both a bar or restaurant set. Hannibal includes a chop cup routine not seen on his DVD!

Lethal Weapon: A mentalism routine filled with comedy that plays for both stage performers as well as the parlor performer. This is FILLED with comedy.

Cards Across: Hannibal shares with you his version of the classic card effect. This can play for a close up crowd all the way to the stage. A very versatile card routine!

Ask Anything: An exercise that Hannibal does on his social media. This is a Q&A session 'unleashed.'

Also Covered: Asking the right questions. Choosing the wrong trick. Hannibal also shares with you a short essay on failure.

Magic vs Magical: Hannibal talks about the differences, also, how you can take something 'magical' and make it 'magic'.

PLUS: Hannibal reveals his philosophy on knowing your limits and how to push them, knowing your 'character' and further explains why he doesn't have tons of material. He talks on the concept and execution of 'Sleight Club'. He also shares with you his Mrs. Doubtfire story.

At the Table Live Lecture Jeff McBride Part 1 - DVD


At the Table Live Lecture Jeff McBride Part 2 - DVD


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Jay Sankey is an absolute phenom when it comes to magic. Arguably the most prolific magic creator in the world, he has already thought of it all and; then some! We could spend an hour just naming all of the ideas he has released over the years, and Jay himself promises to present hand-selected material and will NOT be holding back even an ounce.

With a mix of old and new, Jay will be covering moves and effects he has become known for, but will also be debuting two BRAND NEW and never before released effects called Deranged and Camouflage.

Deranged - a mentalism effect using a postcard featuring the Mona Lisa. Dead easy to do, and as hard-hitting as they come! Camouflage is a secret gimmick with practically UNLIMITED possibilities. Vanishes, transformations, penetrations and even levitations! A gimmick not only versatile, but one that will work with ANY brand of playing cards in the world!

Don't miss this chance to step inside the mind of one of the most creative magic thinkers around!


"video review"

Josh Burch, Reviewer 2/26/2015 Full Review

"If you don’t learn some cool magic and great advice at least you’ll laugh all the way along. NOTE - You WILL learn some INCREDIBLE magic ..."

Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 2/25/2015


Widely regarded as one of the greatest magicians alive today, Jeff McBride has done it all. From national TV performances to world records and starting the McBride Magic and Mystery School, Jeff has succeeded in every aspect of his career and will now be joining us for not one but TWO At the Table Experiences this February!

World-famous for his mindblowing dexterity, Jeff will show you the ins and outs of close-up magic and manipulations with playing cards, coins and much more in what promises to be a workshop like no other. And don't forget - Here is YOUR chance to ask questions directly to Jeff himself as you Skype in and chat with us in the studio. This is an At The Table Experience you definitely want to be in on!


"Jeff's insight and advice is invaluable. During this lecture, Jeff gave so much away, and feel like I have become a better magician after watching this lecture. I honestly believe that. This lecture is definitely worth your time. "

James Conti, Reviewer 2/23/2015 Full Review

"It’s like having your own little mini Mystery School that you can carry around on your personal device, and drop in on anytime you wish."

Payne, M-U-M Magazine 7/6/2015


The living legend Jeff McBride is back for another round At The Table! Having covered close-up magic and manipulations in his first lecture, Jeff now invites you into his private home for an intimate tour of his personal and hidden library that only his closest friends and students ever get to see!

Afterwards the journey continues through the halls of the McBride House of Mystery, all the way up on stage for a lecture in parlor and stage performing from the master himself. Learn Jeff's tried and tested routines customized for larger audiences, get terrific insights about what takes a stage act from good to great, how YOU can grow as a performer and much more!

Sleights, manipulations and TONS of great advice - all the things we've come to expect from the living legend that is Jeff McBride. Learn from one of the great masters of our art in this highly anticipated At The Table Experience!


"Like the previous video, this one is filled with additional tricks, tips, stories, and anecdotes that make it feel as if you are an invited guest at one of his many magical gatherings."

Payne, Reviewer 7/6/2015


Jason England is acclaimed the world over for two things: his classical approach to magic's most enduring effects, and his ability to perfectly execute the most challenging cheating moves ever devised. Join Jason with host Eric Jones to get a closer look at both the classical magic he is known for, and the cheating techniques that make him the envy of card enthusiasts everywhere. To top it off, Jason shares with you an unpublished ending for Twisting the Aces by his close friend Derek Delgaudio, as well as a gambling routine that has never been performed or released.

Three Magic Classics:

Triumph: We have asked Jason to do something unusual here. He is teaching Vernon's Triumph effect EXACTLY as it appears in Stars of Magic, with the singular addition of Daryl's cutting display sequence. Jason believes this to be an absolutely perfect effect - and we agree. Many great effects have been "killed by improvement," and to have a master teach us the true subtleties of the shuffle sequence and reveal is a rare opportunity you won't want to miss.

Twisting the Aces: Another Vernon classic that looks effortlessly perfect in Jason's hands. The routine, many feel, needs a stronger finish, and Jason is teaching (with permission) Derek Delgaudio's finesse at the conclusion of the now-classic Twisting the Aces.

Dunbury's Delusion/Fingerprint Card Trick: This is a workhorse routine that Jason has used faithfully for laymen and magicians for more than twenty years.

Gambling Section:

Poker Tells: For the first time ever, Jason shares with you something that has NEVER been published. Anywhere.

Grand Slam for Bro. John: You teach a spectator how to cheat at Bridge, and then they do!

The Gathering: Four thought-of cards gather into one hand without your spectators revealing anything about their selections

Instant Full House: A full house appears out of nowhere in a head to head game of poker.

Jason also performed requests and gave ad

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